For this project, we wanted to find a way to use the product as a medium. Cuétara's Tosta Rica product is known in Spain for their interesting and often storytelling pictures printed directly on the cookie. It has gone so far as to offer consumers to personalise the cookies as a gift. So we thought, what if we could transform the medium into a way to better the life of the children? That's how we came up with a way to detect early signs of dyslexia and help parents refer to a specialist ASAP.  
One of the tests for detecting dyslexia is known as the non-word test, in which the doctor reads out loud nonsense words and asks the children to repeat them after, noting if they did it correctly or incorrectly. We thought that this could be implemented in cookies and serve as a parent-children interaction moment over breakfast and help detect possible early signs of language and learning challenges that could be treated early in the children's life
Team: David Casares (Copy & Art)
This project was crafted during my mentorship with Jonay Sosa
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