This project was prompted by Disney’s D&AD New Blood brief. The main focus was to create a campaign to promote Disney’s 100th anniversary in 2023, dubbed as “A 100 years of Wonder”. We took that to heart  and created a piece of content that would serve to promote Disney’s values across different platforms for the length of the campaign. The main concept was to find anonymous heroes that shared traits with the beloved characters from the Disney movies we watched as kids. We wanted to find the next generation of characters such as Hercules, Milo, or Ariel. 
When we built the case, we established the creation of the main narrative with Herofinders, a documentary that would put a team of filmmakers in the real world, finding these anonymous heroes and documenting their journeys. 
Team: Gabriel Rivas (Copy) and David Casares (Copy & Art)
This project was crafted as part of the Masters in Creative Advertising at Zinkproject.
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