This project answers the brief set by Duolingo for the D&AD's 2021 New Blood awards. The brand wanted a younger generation to spend some time learning new languages, even if it was with just five minutes a day. When we confronted the brief, we asked ourselves "where does everyone spend 5 minutes a day, every day, without being busy?". The answer came right away in the form of the beloved 1977 book by Minna Unchi: Everybody Poops. Upon doing some research on how to tap into the bathroom behavior and rituals of our target audience, we came across an interesting and differential insight: Latrinalia
Latrinalia is the name given to graffitis made in bathrooms and is a very well-known trend that has been active for at least a couple thousand years (since the ancient Romans, at least). In the last few decades, though, it has produced studies by several anthropologists, psychologists, and sociologists, which found interesting patterns among the thousands of cases documented. 
We discovered something very interesting: men draw penis and women draw hearts, which is a way to say that language depicted in the inscriptions differs greatly. Where men tend to use bathroom graffiti as an emotional outlet for conflict, women use it to build anonymous support systems.  
We also discovered that whenever the inscriptions in college bathrooms are cleaned or altered, it generates a buzz, so we decided to be disruptive: what if we exchanged the bathroom doors on colleges from two different countries and let the students do the rest?. We chose a university in London and another in Teheran and built the case on how that exchange would happen and the emotions we wanted to prompt. 
Team: Gabriel Rivas (Copy) and David Casares (Copy & Art)
This project was crafted as part of the Masters in Creative Advertising at Zinkproject.
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