The idea for this project came about because we both had problems with our ability to get and maintain sleep. So we thought, what if Monster became the first energy drink brand to help you sleep? As for the name, I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan and I recently saw that the cast for Sandman, one of his best-known graphic novels, had just been announced. Morpheus, the god of dreams, is the main character in the saga and so an idea popped into my head, "what if we branded an energy drink that gives you the opposite effect?"
So we decided to use copy that resonated with the tone and voice of past Monster ad campaigns, with tagline such as "Unleash the Beast" or "Find Your Inner Monster". We settled on "Even Monsters Sleep" because it delivered the added value with clarity and made use of the brand's name. 
For the packaging, we went with colours that are associated with sleep, deep blue, and lavender tones, building towards a darker theme that was aligned with the Monster can design but could also be differentiated from any other Monster product in both color and personality. 
Team: Gabriel Rivas (Copy) and David Casares (Copy & Art)
This project was crafted as part of the Masters in Creative Advertising at Zinkproject.
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