As Scrabble lovers, copywriters, and poets, we knew right off the bat what we wanted to focus on: the power of words. We worked from the insight that the rules of the game state that no word can be played that is not in the official reference dictionary for Scrabble: the Collins English Dictionary. So we thought "what words can't be played that should be? and "how can we give exposure to words that matter but cannot be used in the game?". We researched recent social movements because they are known to have their glossary, a sort of words for the revolution, and discovered that the BLM movement had plenty of them, words that could not be played in Scrabble. So we set ourselves to change that. 
We chose these three words because we thought they represented both the movement and the problem we wanted to resolve. The body copy that accompanied the words was written in an "our game, our rules" voice to position the brand within the problem and as part of the solution. The activation was accompanied by an official petition to the Collins English Dictionary to include these words in their next edition. 
Team: Gabriel Rivas (Copy) and David Casares (Copy & Art)
This project was crafted as part of the Masters in Creative Advertising at Zinkproject.
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